Sizing of the beads and teethers

Size silicone beads:
Letterbeads big: 16x16 mm
Letterbeads small: 12x12 mm
12mm bead: 12mm doorsnede
15mm bead: 15mm doorsnede
19mm bead: 19mm doorsnede
22mm bead: 22mm doorsnede
- Small hexagon: 14x14 mm
Hexagon: 17x17 mm
- Feather: 58x15 mm
- Grape: 20x13 mm
Heart: 17x20x13 mm
Star: 45x45 mm
Star round: 37x35,5x11 mm (47x47x11 mm donkercyaan en koraalroze)
Star middle: 25x25x8 mm
Small star:14x14x8 mm
- Big flower: 40,5x40x15,5 mm
Small flower: 21x21x19 mm
Dice: 17x17 mm
Big oval: 40x25x9 mm
Olive: 20x17x17 mm
Pumpkin: 19,5x13 mm
Quadrate: 21x21x10 mm
Abacus: 15x23 mm
Starfruit: 30x10 mm
Rugby: 39x19 mm
Mickey Mouse: 20x24x14 mm
Diamond small: 13x13x14 mm
Diamond big: 20x15x15 mm
- Small discus: 12x12x7 mm

Afmetingen siliconen hangers:
Flower teether: 45x45x10 mm
- Unicorn: 101x62 mm
Elephant: 68x80x12 mm
- Swan: 80x70x12 mm
Fox: 57,5x80x12 mm
Giraf: 95x55x10 mm
Pinguin: 76x70x12 mm
Donut: 43x43x10 mm
Cookie: 55x55x12 mm
Pineapple: 85x45x12 mm
Oval teether: 55x43x12,5 mm
Small droplet: 54x37x12,5 mm
Droplet teether: 70x47x12,5 mm
Small round teether: 40x40x11 mm
Round teether: 51x51x11 mm
Whale: 60x100x8 mm
Whale 2: 65x100x10 mm
Butterfly: 62,5x80x10 mm
Train: 72x90x12 mm
Car: 63x80x10 mm
Dino: 57,5x80x11 mm
Cloud: 54x80x8 mm
Lion: 75x75x12 mm
Lionking lion: 62x80x12mm
Gituar: 52x94x9 mm
Octopus: 64x79x12 mm
Owl: 80x80x8,8 mm
Racoon: 75x100x8 mm
Music note: 63x80x10,25 mm

Afmetingen houten hangers:
- Bird: 45x70 mm
- Car: 77x54 mm
- Hedgehog: 48x52 mm
- Elephant: 65x50 mm
- Unicorn: 85x80 mm
- Camera: 53x40 mm

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